Adilstonegroup - Bahrain


Within the mission, vision and values of the hospital, the above surgeon will strive for excellence in the surgical management of all patients ensuring patient safety and patient satisfaction. 


  • Is governed by the responsibilities outlined in the Medical Staff Bylaws.
  • Provides the highest quality of surgical care.
  • Operate in the OR within approved privileges.
  • Physically present in the OR to assess and supervise assistant to conduct surgery when assistant has no approved privileges to carry out the procedure
  • Expected to be present and productive during the normal working hours and to be available for contact at any time while in town.
  • Carry on administrative duties assigned by the Section Head, Chairman of Surgery or the Executive Director, Medical Services, CR.
  • Continuously upgrades academic requirements and skills by actively participating in the continuing medical education program in the hospital.
  • Involvement in the instruction and education of the residents.
  • Encouraged to undertake research activities.
  • Reports to the department chairman through the divisional head.
  • Attends and participates in all division meetings and rounds and in all educational programs of the division and other meets as requested by the Section Head or Chairman of Surgery.
  • Attends and participates in the department of surgery meeting; attendance of collective division activities should not be less than 75%.
  • Responsible for submitting approved TRA by the Section Head, to block their clinic or provide approved coverage by completing the clinic blocking form through the proper chain of command and blocking the OR prior to submitting the TRA to the Chairman for final approval. Ensure approval of proper TRA by the Chairman before going on leave.
  • Maintain the spirit of teamwork in the Division of Surgery.
  • Participates in the ongoing quality management program.


  • Graduate of a recognized medical school.
  • Successful completion of a structured, accredited residency training program
  • Certification by the appropriate specialty board
  • Total experience and post-training should equal to/exceed seven (7) years.
  • The candidate should have a minimum of two (2) years experience in a tertiary care center in the appropriate specialty after certification. Of this, at least one (1) year should be abroad in a program acceptable to the client.