Ikon - Brisbane, QLD

Overview of job
As the Communications Director you will lead and support the strategic and investment process across all channels for a specific client by managing client business, being responsible for campaign results and managing staff and their time within the team.

3 best things about the job:

  1. High degree of autonomy – effectively own your patch with single major client responsibility
  2. Cross channel opportunity – responsible for the full media suite from traditional to performance channels
  3. Ikon Culture – we believe outstanding success happens when passionate and inquisitive people work together in the relentless pursuit of doing better, doing more and doing whats right

Responsibilities of the role:

Client Management:

  • Omni-channel management of the planning, implementation and trading across client campaigns and ensure it is in line with the overall client media strategy.
  • Proactively managed the development of media initiatives for the client, which satisfies client effectiveness objectives and given timeframes.
  • Constantly strives for innovative ways to achieve client objectives.
  • Takes action to meet or exceed client needs or concerns.
  • Makes sure strategy quality controls are in place.
  • Develops long-term mutually beneficial relationships with the client.
  • Owns the Marketing Manager level relationship with the client.

Media Management:

  • Creates and maintains strong relationships with senior media personnel.
  • Utilises relationships and networks in the industry to get the best deal for the client.

Team Development:

  • Lead, inspire and motivate staff to work collectively on the client’s vision and objectives.
  • Maintain strong, collaborative working relationships with all ‘specialist’ and share service functions with the agency
  • Lives the Ikon values and role model behaviour to the team.
  • Develop PDP’s for nominated team and support team member career development.
  • Drive and encourage development of staff through the PDP process.
  • Delegate and provide appropriate guidance to enable team members to perform their roles effectively.
  • Run regular Team WIP’s to ensure client requirements and objectives are clear and manage team to deadlines.
  • Proactively manage relationship issues (either internal or external)

Team Management:

  • Effectively lead and direct the team in the development of omni-channel media concepts, plans and implementation of buys.
  • Assist Trading Director in tailoring the master trading strategy for specific clients.
  • Assist Trading Director in setting benchmarks for client remuneration.
  • Ensure all planning ideas are delivered through the trading process.
  • Ensure planning documents take the brand experience from strategy planning and deliver through clear innovative media recommendations (including non traditional media channels where appropriate)
  • Ensure innovation and effective delivery of campaigns.
  • Report status of all contractual commitments to management and clients regularly.

Financial Management:

  • Assists in the profitable running of the business to achieve Ikon financial goals.
  • Is mindful of financial constraints before deciding on a course of action.

What you will need:

  • Minimum of 5 years experience in similar role (suitable tenure client, agency or media side to demonstrate a strong grasp of what the role requires)
  • A burning desire to make a difference. We can’t give you passion. You need to bring it.
  • You have a passion for people, you love to develop talent and take great pride out of your teams success.
  • Passion for a great deal… think about the client’s money like you do your own!
  • Be honest – build relationships based on transparency and keeping your word.
  • Challenge how it’s always been done. Be different in every interaction.
  • Roll your sleeves up. Help out. Pitch in. None of us are that special, and it’s the little things that people remember you for.
  • Make it fun. If it’s starting to feel like a job, then change something. Surprise us. Surprise yourself.
  • Proficient with all relevant media tools and software required to perform the role.
  • Maintain enthusiasm, drive and a positive outlook for the team despite any obstacles that may occur.
  • Empathy and respect. Develop effective personal relationships at all levels.

About Ikon Communications

Ikon is a full service communications agency with over $450m in billings across offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Auckland.

We have the breadth and depth of experience to create bespoke solutions for each and every client. For some, that might be a full suite of services from strategy, data, creative and media. For others, it could simply be amplifying a marketing spend across search and social.

You can learn more about what it means to be an Ikonoclast by visiting our website below: