Direct Employer - Kuwait City

Louis Berger Services is currently looking for a full time AMCC Supervisor for our countract in Kuwait.

The ideal candidate will perform all tasks associated with the safe and correct operation of the Air Terminal as directed by management, regulations, policies, Instructions and the Performance Work Statement.

1. Acts as the AMCC Manager when required.
2. Responsible for all aspects of the safe and correct operation of AMCC for assigned shift.
3. Monitor the daily activities for ATOC, C2, Ramp Controller, Cape Forecasting, PPR, Data Records sections.
4. Ensure maximum aircraft utilization and on-time aircraft departures, including resolving situational issues, gathering, processing and disseminating information in accordance with Air Mobility Command Instruction (AMCI) 24-101, Volume 6 and 9, AMCI 10-202 and other applicable instructions.
5. Monitor aircrew briefings to ensure they are in accordance with all applicable regulations and the PWS.
6. Ensure AMCC events logs are properly completed and maintained.
7. Monitor potential delays, actual delays, or aborts to ensure detailed information is available for proper reporting to appropriate agencies/personnel.
8. Ensure detailed information is maintained on all necessary logs and reports mandated by C2 and terminal operations.
9. Verify Primary Crash Alert System (PCAS) is tested as per requirements of the PWS.
10. Verify AMCC clocks are checked as per the requirements of the PWS.
11. Help monitor flight line activities and takes appropriate action to resolve any issues.
12. Reviews required flight schedules for accuracy and ensure they are disseminated as per the PWS.
13. Responsible for preparing and issuing NOTAMs as per requirements listed in the PWS.
14. Execute the Human Remains (HR) coordination program as per the requirement in the PWS.
15. Consolidate information concerning all aircraft mishaps/incidents as per the requirements of the PWS and notifies AMCC Manager before reporting.
16. Monitor aircraft arrival announcements to ensure they are accurate and properly disseminated to all concerned.
17. Approve ERO as per requirements in the PWS and directives from AMCC and Station Managers.
18. Ensure proper coordination of DV mission support to all sections is accomplished.
19. Monitor coordination for billeting/hotel reservations and crew shuttles to ensure they are coordinated as per the PWS.
20. Responsible for proper reporting of aircraft mishaps/incidents to the appropriate Airlift Control Center and COR as per the requirement of the PWS after coordination with AMCC Manager.
21. Monitor MOG tool and ensure proper use by employees.
22. Verify that aircrew phones and handouts are properly accounted for and issued by employees.
23. Act as the Gates WASO and GDSS UPAM alternate account manager and resolve issues during shift execution such as account unlocks.
24. Responsible for personnel’s training requirements and ensure all required training is properly completed and documented.
25. Ensure shift personnel are properly briefed of all AF, AMC, and AFCENT CIFs as per requirements of the PWS.
26. Ensure proper execution of the Prior Permission (PPR) program as per developed procedures.
27. Review aircraft flight information updates in GDSS and is in accordance with regulations and the PWS.
28. Responsible for monitoring section and flight line safety procedures and take appropriate actions when required.
29. Execute Emergency Quick Reaction Checklists (QRC’s) as per the PWS and ensure personnel are trained in their use.
30. Ensure proper enforcement of the AMCC access letter and submits updates to the AMCC Manager for updates when required.
31. Assigns and Assist with Wing-Walker duties.
32. Perform supplemental duties in AMCC or other work centers as required by the AMCC Manager.

1. Prior experience in Air Terminal Ground Handling Services is preferred.
2. Must have computer skills and be able to operate a variety of computer programs. Must be detail oriented, motivated and drive to perform at a high level.
3. Must be able to comprehend English to include reading and writing.
4. Must maintain a valid driver’s license.
5. You will be required to maintain a valid passport.
6. You will be required to maintain NAC/Secret clearance.

DESIRABLE SKILLS: The following are desirable skills for the position upon hire.
1. Great interpersonal skills.
2. Customer service oriented.
3. Team player.
4. Excellent leadership skills.
5. Ability to multi-task.

NOTE 1: Position will be required to work in all areas of ATGHS
NOTE 2: Position is a physically challenging position; extended periods of standing, walking, pushing and lifting are required