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The candidate shall perform engineering, installation, operations, and maintenance of different type of IP-based routers and switches as directed in individual TOs.

The contractor shall use USAFCENT-provided standard network devices for routing and switching. The contractor shall maintain standard USAFCENT-approved operating systems on these devices. The contractor shall configure Tier 2 routing and switching devices for optimal operations IAW NOSC standards.

The contractor shall engineer, install, and maintain network equipment to support new and emerging requirements. The contractor shall provide responsive services to include real-time network-level configuration control, network restoration, quality control and performance standards, status reporting, MSL, and other actions required by policies, responsibilities, and operational procedures IAW the SPIN-C, and support all NOSC-deployed projects.

The contractor may require network rights and privileges commensurate with roles and responsibilities as indicated in the TO. The contractor shall not delegate network rights and privileges without the approval of the NOSC or local base communication squadron commander.

a. Network Management, monitoring, and sustainment.

b. Maintain compliance with all associated guidance and directives in the SPIN-C.

c. Maintain compliance with guidance and directives issued in CTOs and NOTAMs.

d. Maintain compliance with all associated DoD, AF, USCENTCOM, USAFCENT, and local Instructions.

e. Report and track, utilizing Remedy, all local and enterprise issues associated with network and systems operations.

The contractor shall only use standard USAFCENT-provided network management tools to monitor and sustain net- work operations. Current tools include CiscoWorks, and SolarWinds. Toolsets are subject to change. If the contractor proposes to use other tools for network management, it must have approval from the USAFCENT A6 prior to their installation and use.

The contractor shall assist the Government in maintaining positive control over all hardware and software. Hardware accountability shall be maintained using the Standard Base Supply Systems (SBSS) and Asset Inventory Management (AIM) system. All equipment transferred between organizations shall be done IAW SBSS and Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) policies and directives. When directed, the contractor shall assist Government personnel by packing and shipping equipment transferred between organizations.

The contractor shall be responsible for encryption equipment used on the network. This includes control and safe- guarding, configuration, and “user-level” maintenance of Ethernet and serial encryption devices. The contractor shall coordinate with the COMSEC manager to ensure approved encryption keys are available for encryption equipment used on the network.

The contractor shall attend and participate in all scheduled NOSC-directed meetings and conferences.

Primary and auxiliary network operations equipment/software supported includes:

a. CiscoWorks

b. Cisco Call Manager

c. Cisco WebEx

d. Cisco Router and Switches

e. Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances (ASA)

f. Cisco Access Control Server

g. Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)

h. Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Protocol

i. Spanning Tree Protocol

j. TO-Specific Equipment

k. SolarWinds


Must meet the certification requirement of DoD 8570.01-M. The candidate is expected to have, but is not limited to, the following IT certificate:
 - Network +
 - Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) – Routing and Switching or Data Center
 - Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) – Collaboration
 - Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) – Security
Minimum of six years of experience in design, maintenance, and operation of medium to large networks. Must have experience in systems management, monitoring and sustainment.
Must have experience on military networks to include:
 - Cisco routing and switching technologies
 - Managing networks with industry standard platforms, Network Performance Analysis, Cisco IOS Network Configuration, and Network Troubleshooting
 - Establishing new circuit requirements
 - Documenting network enterprise, developing continuity folders, and as built drawings







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