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Sendle helps small businesses thrive by making parcel delivery simple, reliable and affordable. We’re a business with a heart and our vision is for a world bustling with creativity and entrepreneurialism, where the friction of physical delivery is removed so that the best ideas win and small businesses flourish.

We are a high-growth business with bold ambitions and our people are core to this. We want to be the place where you get to do your best work, with the best team. Our team are self-confessed nerds, gadget geeks, motorbike enthusiasts and foodies, all passionate about making a difference. Right now we're looking for the next game-changer to join our team in the Philippines.


As a Real Time Analyst, you will be responsible for the intraday management of resources to ensure the correct number of Champs at the right times to answer an accurately forecasted volume of incoming tickets at the desired service level. You will use your analytical skills to identify performance trends and work with the management to determine the parameters for effective Champ allocation that align with business goals and operational objectives.

You will spearhead the systematic process of proper workforce allocation of Champs by helping Operations assess individual and team capacity to identify and address operational gaps. You will be responsible for overseeing workforce implementation while ensuring that we have the right number of people with the appropriate skill sets for the business’ staffing needs using Zendesk Explore and Tymeshift.


You are a subject matter expert on intraday operation fundamentals including real-time queue monitoring, trend analysis, reporting and escalating known issues in the customer support operation. At your core, you’re a data-driven, analytical problem solver, capable of solving new problems with new solutions. You are customer obsessed, constantly supporting our mission to grow and empower small businesses. You embody Sendle’s 5Hs in your daily work and actively and consistently support all efforts to simplify and enhance the customer experience. As a champion of our culture, you contribute to activities that help Champs expand their learning mindset and grow as professionals.

You are data-driven which will help you oversee the operational gaps of the team. You are a key player in addressing the needs of proper workforce allocation and are empowered to analyse data and make recommendations and sound judgment that will help with capacity-building of Champs from an individual to a team level. You are a natural problem-solver with a high-level of participation in operations, equipped with leadership skills to help you collaborate with the team. Customer-centricity is at the heart of what you do and you are a key influence for Champs to become motivated in developing their skills and knowledge essential for their empowerment and their ability to help our customers. You exemplify the 5Hs which are necessary to help you establish your role in Sendle and the key roles you play to advocate for our culture, our Champs, and our customers.

You know that understanding Sendle, its service and its customers is vital in delivering world-class customer support. You also display these important skills and traits:

You demonstrate these skills and traits that help you grow personally and professionally in your role:

  • You have excellent leadership skills with a strong desire and natural ability to motivate a team, set and achieve targets, and manage team performance
  • You are a rapid learner, excited about developing your analytical and problem-solving skills
  • You are results-oriented, and are constantly evaluating how and whether your activities are achieving the desired, measurable impact.
  • You are comfortable in a fast-paced team-oriented environment and able to adapt to simultaneous process changes
  • You have developed a deep expertise in how our product, support processes, and internal tools (Zendesk, Zeus, Tymeshift) work, and how to use them to drive positive outcomes
  • You are customer-centric. You have shown relentless dedication to customers’ needs and consistent willingness to meet their expectations by crafting creative solutions
  • You demonstrate effective communication skills. You make informed decisions and influence decision making through insightful recommendations.
  • You exemplify Sendle’s 5Hs, always seeking the knowledge of others and embracing feedback. You act with integrity and take ownership of your work. You stay oriented to the goal you’re trying to achieve and act with urgency to achieve it

  • Monitor ticket volume in real time to ensure service levels are met on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and make adjustments as needed to ensure optimal productivity and efficiency.
  • Analyse intraday forecasts and proactively share knowledge and insight of performance with the leadership team while providing recommendations and plans to be successful.
  • Overseeing the day to day service level performance of the team through real time queue monitoring
  • Manage the Customer Triage queue by ensuring that all unassigned tickets are captured and directed to the correct group to support quick, easy and positive resolution for our customers
  • Recognise problematic triggers and report findings to Process Expert
  • Provide recommendations to the LQA team in determining which Champs are fully prepared to be upskilled
  • Collaborate with the Learning & Quality team contributing to operational activity and projects that make Sendle the place where Champs can do the best work of their careers.
  • Maintain an awareness of process changes which may involve attending advanced training sessions or meetings in which information is imparted and discussed

Group Allocation and Champ Capacity Planning

  • Work closely with Core Team in analysing trends (ticket-per-parcel volume), do regular forecasting checks, resource allocation and report reviews for proper headcount and workforce allocation
  • Analyse tickets (volume and behaviour) via Tymeshift and Zendesk tools and all associated data to accurately do forecasting and proper staffing required to meet business needs and the required level of workforce optimisation
  • Regularly capture ticket volumes and trends (intraday, seasonal, peak periods)
  • Manage and maintain Champs staffing needs on a regular basis (intraday, daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Closely coordinate with Operations work distribution and Champs skills availability for more equitable skills and resource management
  • Oversee Champs’ schedule on a daily/weekly basis to review shift assignment, schedule adherence, quality of performance, training and meeting schedules, and leave/time off requests
  • Monitor all channels available for customers across the board, Champs productivity (productive general tasks and ad hoc activities), and other important statistics to ensure proper allocation and headcount to meet Support Team’s performance goals
  • Maintain high engagement with Champs. Be consistent in keeping quality conversations by showcasing high-level of communication in order to keep a healthy funnel of sharing information, best practices, feedback, and business updates

Tymeshift Administrator

  • Regularly monitor the Tymeshift Tool as one of the main points of references for Champs capacity and productivity
  • Ensure high participation of Champs by monitoring regular and proper usage of their Tymeshift Tool
  • Be the person-in-charge for any feedback, suggestions, and issues on Tymeshift
  • Using Tymeshift, provide consistent data that Support Core can use to identify what other operational gaps we need to address to improve headcount and workforce allocation


  • Help the Learning & Quality Team advocating and championing the Sendle culture, participating in any quality improvement projects and trainings, and lobbying involvement in process improvement and optimization


We are empowering you to drive your success and achieve your goals. We value autonomy in leaders and we also guide and mentor them to be the best they can be. To measure how effective you are, we have outlined below criteria for your role’s success. The specific targets will be a discussion between you and the Learning & Quality Manager:

    • Monitor real-time actual vs forecasted ticket volume variations and makes the appropriate staffing adjustments to ensure that service level targets are met
    • Work closely with the LQA team to analyze and help improve Support metrics and processes.
    • Coordinates with the SO Team on appropriate Champ allocation and availability in order to achieve service level objectives.
    • Real time recommendations adjusting allocation to meet team productivity and goals by overall ticket and queue management.
    • Manage Customer Triage queue with 0% unassigned tickets to the proper group.
    • Own implementation of a Workforce Management System while working closely with the Capacity Planning Manager
    • Able to set objectives and develop workforce policies that transform the workplace with enhanced productivity.
    • Able to provide recommendations and programs to improve the productivity of employees, including training,hiring and performance evaluation.
    • Promote effective communication to achieve improved productivity in a workplace environment where numerous people with different personalities interact on a daily basis.
    • Provide daily efforts to provide a great customer and employee experience by effective optimisation of resources to achieve business objectives.
    • Able to manage workforce capacity in real-time by monitoring attendance and schedule adherence, correct allocation, and productivity of the Support Team during daily operations
    • Assist LQA Team for Support Team’s needs for short range scheduling of Champs’ coaching with Team Leaders, meetings, activities, and huddles to maintain and regulate team productivity on general tasks during daily operations
    • Serve as an advisor of the operations to drive productivity of Champs and influence overall team metrics and key performance indicators (KPI).
    • Work closely with the Leadership Team with forecasting needs and capacity planning to ensure that workforce and resources meet the demand and requirements given by forecast
    • Help LQA and Operations in the proactive management of backlogs by maintaining ticket-per-parcel ratio by analyzing historical data
    • Able to influence tool and process improvements, recommendations, and strategies that will help maintain a workable number of true and work-in-progress backlogs which has a great impact on the success of operations

The Benefits

  • 15 days of paid holidays
  • 15 days of sick leave
  • HMO on day 1 + 1 free dependent
  • Birthday day off
  • Fun Budget to celebrate events
  • Internet & coffee allowance
  • Remote work allowance
  • Working with an awesome team

What matters to us

We believe that our culture is one of our most important assets. We have 5 key values that we look for in every member of our team.

  • Humble - We put others first. We embrace and seek feedback from others.
  • Honest - We speak gently but frankly. We take ownership of our mistakes and speak truth.
  • Happy - We enjoy the journey. We are optimistic and find opportunities in all things.
  • Hungry - We aspire to make a difference. We aim high, step out of our comfort zones and tackle the hard problems.
  • High-Performing - We relentlessly deliver. We know the goal and work fearlessly towards it.

Legally, we need you to know this:

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

But it’s important to us you know this:

We strongly believe that diversity of experience contributes to a broader collective perspective that will consistently lead to a better company and better outcomes. We are working hard to increase the diversity of our team wherever we can and we actively encourage everyone to consider becoming a part of it.

If you want to be a part of something remarkable then we’re excited to hear from you!