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A pediatric neurologist is responsible to diagnose and treat issues in children related to the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system, in accordance with current medical staff bylaws, rules, regulations, and all hospital policies and procedures. 


Clinical Responsibilities 

  • Provide satisfactory, high quality medical care to patients in general, and more specifically to those with neurological disorders, including the provision of appropriate consultative services as requested by other inpatient and outpatient consultants, in accordance with standards of medical care laid down by hospital.
  • Studies the central nervous system (including the brain and spinal cord) and diagnoses and manages its disorders. 
  • Assumes responsibility for patients under his care. Liaises with various support service departments and medical specializations to provide appropriate and timely medical care, in accordance with the standards laid down by the hospital.
  • Complies with all hospital standards and policies pertaining to acceptance, eligibility, admission processes, consultation, daily patient care, operating room, outpatient practices, and patient discharge. 
  • Admits patients, initiates investigations and ensures findings are recorded. Assesses patients' diseases or conditions to determine appropriate therapeutic modalities/ procedures. 
  • Conducts ward rounds as per policy and reassesses inpatients under care. Documents findings in medical records. 
  • Ensures appropriate patient preparation for procedures/ surgery and performs procedures/ surgery as indicated in the signed clinical privilege form. 
  • Follows up on investigation results for inpatients and outpatients and modifies treatment accordingly. 
  • Attends speciality clinics, outpatient clinics, day surgical units, day medical units, special procedures, treatment areas and shares on- call schedule as per requirements. 

Academic Responsibilities 

  • Directs and advises junior staff on patient management, especially in the field of Neurology.
  • Guides and actively participates in the training and teaching of Residents, Fellows, Assistant Consultants and junior staff. 
  • Keeps abreast with all the latest techniques and developments, especially in the field of Neurology, following and implementing them on a selective basis to improve technical standards. 
  • Actively participates in the educational activities and training programs of the department. 

Research Responsibilities 

  • Participates in clinical, basic and translational research projects and publishes papers in accordance with Research Advisory Council Policy in order to advance knowledge, improve the quality of post graduate education and contribute to the national and international recognition of the hospital.

Administrative Responsibilities 

  • Undertakes the administrative duties assigned by the Head of Section or Chairman of the department. 
  • Participates in all mandatory departmental activities and serves on departmental and hospital committees, as required.
  • Assists the department in the development and implementation of techniques and practices that help maximize the utilization of all resources within the department and across the hospital. 


  • Must have graduated from a recognized medical school.
  • Seven (7) years of training in specialty/subspecialty plus post graduate training experience must be equal to or exceed seven (7) years’ experience in the subspecialty. 
  • American board certified in Specialty/Fellowship program in your country of origin.
  • Hold a Certificate of Completion of Training