Selby Jennings - Singapore

Key Responsibilities:

  • Perform daily market operations involving prompt trading, generation of post day reporting, settlement/ verification of power and gas data.

  • Employ analysis tools to identify opportunities, make proper and sound recommendation on trading decisions to optimise revenue.

  • Constantly conduct market analysis and gather competitive intelligence on the underlying supply and demand forces and market conditions that impact the electricity market dynamics.

  • Ensure all processes and transactions are consistent with the market rules, company's risk management guidelines and procedures.

  • To be involved in the development/enhancement of new offer submission system, including liaising with vendor pertaining to the requirements of the desired system.

  • Assist in constantly reviewing and enhancing work instructions or methodology/ business processes for the team to perform its function more effectively, productively, and reduce errors.

  • Maintain close coordination with internal and external stakeholders to resolve any issues related to power market operations.

The ideal candidate:

  • Business or Engineering degrees equivalent

  • Minimum of 1 year operations experience of power plant

  • Good understanding of Singapore electricity and natural gas market

  • Meticulous worker with excellent analytical and numerical skills who can handle large amount of data sets

  • Willing to take on standby duties and be contactable during emergencies to react to all urgent situations

  • Highly-motivated Team player with a positive attitude, capable of working with minimal supervision and adaptable to changing priorities and assignments