Exterran - Oman

 •To monitor and control of the plant process and associated parameters from the Distributed Control System (DCS). • To monitor and control at all times production volume supplies, conditions and specifications within the contractual and designated agreements. • Be familiar with the facilities different contracts requirements. • To interact with the Field Operators regarding the operational parameters of the plant during regular operations, troubleshooting, start-ups and shut-downs. • To receive, coordinate and plan with the Operation Leads and Maintenance team the required tasks inputs implementations and requirements from the Field Operators. • Register the most important parameters, plant conditions and events in the log-book. • During shift changes, supply all the necessary information to the next team to maintain or improve the plant performance. • Interact with the clients and customers regarding start-ups, shut-downs and special conditions that might affect the plant performance and product specifications. • Inform immediately the Operation Leads about any abnormality that requires attention. • Before starting maintenance works, adequately condition the systems to prevent any accident or spills. During the work, keep track of the same, and after the work, assure that conditions are acceptable to re-start normal operations. • Identify, report and if possible, correct unsafe conditions. • Ensure and enforce the House keeping attitudes in the field during regular days and after maintenance activity performed. • Ensure that all QHSE standards and procedures (LOTO, PTW, TBT, JHA) are implemented in the field and documented correctly in the control room. • Ensure that the regular daily, weekly, monthly and annually checks are followed up by the Field Operators based on the pre planned schedules. • Ensure that the regular daily, weekly, monthly reports are generated on time and submitted. • Ensure that all the submitted recommendations by the Laboratory, Maintenance and other departments are followed up and being highlighted to the Operation Leads. • Perform a regular site visit and audits. • Produce and present an induction training and familiarization sessions to colleagues and visitors. • Be aware of the Control Room Operator duties during emergencies and journey plans. • Interact with the Operation Leads activities for further career developments. • Understand the plant P & ID’s drawings, cause & effect matrix and Fire & Gas detection system. • Understand the Maintenance Management System (Work orders, Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, and Predictive Maintenance) mythologies. • Understand the warehouse operational and transaction setups (Requisition generation, material withdrawal requests, lubricant and chemical ordering philosophy, etc..)