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Weatherford offers competitive compensation, a comprehensive benefits program and opportunities for on-going training and career development. VEVRAA Federal Contractor – Priority Referral Requested.

Weatherford is an Equal Opportunity Employer Females/ Minorities/ Veterans/Disabled and gives consideration for employment to qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.

The Senior Production Engineering Consultant actively participates in Production operations within the company, demonstrating technical domain expertise at a fully qualified level, applied to relatively complex tasks, and provides mentoring and guidance to junior team members. You will be acting as a key technical contributor, this role identifies potential issues or favorable conditions in order to determine high economic recovery and create relevant client product solutions. Strong people skills, communication and presentation skills are critical for success in this role.

Key Responsibilities:


  • Ensure that that Health, Safety, Environment and Quality are the responsibility of all employees.
  • Demonstrate effective safety leadership at all times to enhance the organization’s commitment to safety performance.


  • Demonstrate a personal commitment to Quality & Service Delivery.
  • Applying Weatherford, and where appropriate Client Company’s, Quality Policy and Management Systems.
  • Perform reliability and failure analysis of well and surface network to establish root cause analysis of failure and suggest mitigation techniques for future operations.
  • Define Field Services Management protocols to create, modify, monitor, close activities. Review post jobs reports.
  • Perform QA/QC on all results provided to clients and provide technical guidance and oversight to junior professionals or technicians.


  • Provide technical leadership for production analysis and optimize production under surface and reservoir constraints by:
  • Selecting ideal IPR based on well productivity and determining operating point and changes to completion needed over the life of well.
  • Identifying inflow performance problems and recommend mitigation procedure and quantify formation damage and its impact on performance.
  • Defining model inputs necessary for reservoir simulation such as VLP curve, surface or downhole pressure constraints.
  • Performing nodal analysis, tubing lift calculations, tubing lift evaluation.
  • Designing, analyzing and optimizing artificial lift systems including but not limited to gas lift, ESP, rod lift, jet pump etc. and specifying equipment and field services required for installation, operation and maintenance of recommended design.
  • Identifying production issues caused by near wellbore issues e.g. skin or permeability degradation, sand production, wellbore issues e.g. liquid loading, hydrates, paraffin, asphaltenes and recommend solutions to assure optimal flow.
  • Building black oil, extended black oil, compositional, EOR and thermal models for well and surface network.
  • Performing routine QA/QC on all production and completion data relevant to building production models.
  • Independently perform material balance (MB), pressure transient analysis (PTA) and rate transient analysis (RTA) studies to define:
  • Near wellbore damage or skin. Flow boundaries as observed in build-up or drawdown data.
  • Determine reservoir size, drive mechanism and explain observed pressure depletion.
  • Provide reservoir PI decline forecast and EUR with uncertainties.
  • Evaluate surface production facilities impact on short-term, mid-term and long-term field performance by:
  • Building surface network models incorporating wells, pipelines, pumps, separators and delivery nodes.
  • Defining forecast scenarios incorporating reservoir deliverability constraints, flow capacity, processing capacity and economic constraints.
  • Creating risk and economic analysis with minimal supervision, prepare recommendations.
  • Performing surface network optimization under production constraints, delivery requirements, lift gas availability, injection water availability or produced liquid handling.
  • Identifying bottlenecks and flow issues impacting performance.
  • Understand DOF concepts and apply with minimal supervision to:
  • Configure and trouble shoot a SCADA system incorporating RTU’s, gauges.
  • Understand configuration requirements and communication protocols necessary to acquire data from field.
  • Understand data flow between SCADA and production optimization platform to monitor real time production operations.
  • Perform flow assurance studies with minimal supervision.
  • Perform risk and economic analysis, with minimal supervision.
  • Support multiple disciplinary team to build simulation models to predict reservoir performance incorporate complex geology, reservoir characteristics, multiple wells configurations, and surface facilities integration by:
  • Performing qualitative interpretation of petrophysical inputs aQUnd reservoir properties.
  • Identifying all reservoir, production and completion issues and recommend solutions and characterizing complex reservoir fluids behavior in order to forecast production.
  • Applying understanding of reservoir, wellbore and surface network flow to identify and mitigate near wellbore issues, lift inefficiencies, flow modelling in order to determine fluid flow, phase behavior and physical properties of the reservoir.
  • Evaluating output from reservoir simulation for history match, conformance of forecast constraint to field conditions.
  • Produce Weatherford standard answer products on a variety of datasets from basic to highly complex. Integrate results with other technical domains.
  • Identify and recommend solutions to technical problems. Make decisions based on industry standards and past experiences, in compliance with Weatherford policy, seeking advice on challenges falling outside of normal procedures.
  • Demonstrate awareness of Weatherford corporate business plans and contribute to local technology strategy.
  • Perform various other duties and activities as assigned by supervisor within the physical constraints of the job.
  • Work independently without general supervision or participate in project teams and, on occasion, act as the lead on small projects.
  • Make decisions within established guidelines, seeking advice of senior team members on new or unfamiliar challenges or situations falling outside of normal procedures.


  • Meet regularly with clients for pre-sales and pre-job consulting and to present Weatherford answer products. May be accompanied by junior staff or sales staff.
  • Maintain membership of relevant professional societies. Deliver presentations to local technical societies and remain current on industry regulations and developments.
  • Work independently or as part of a team on assigned projects as instructed, complying with verbal and written instructions and procedures.


  • Participate in training and development through classroom courses, eLearning, and on-the-job projects with senior team members.


  • Bachelor/Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering/ relevant engineering from a recognized university.
  • Minimum 3-7+ years related experience.
  • Must currently reside in Kuwait or have a valid Kuwait Residence Permit.
  • Must have a valid Kuwait Driving License.
  • Experience evaluating performance of wells under natural flow and artificial lift.
  • Experience with industry standard software’s such as iDO, Wellflo, PanSystem, ReO, Gas lift design, ESP design, Rod Pump design.
  • Computer Literacy in MS Windows plus basic desktop applications.
  • Able to work independently with remote and infrequent supervision.
  • Able to provide oversight to small teams of professional and technical members.
  • Proficiency in industry leading Production Engineering Software.


  • Consulting experience related to design, implementation or monitoring of a digital oil field solution.
  • Field experience in production operations.
  • Ability to lead team to deliver objectives and operational guidelines for a cross domains solution.
  • Assisting with Project Management for defining activities, determining resources and monitoring project timeline for a successful delivery of multi-disciplinary solution as specified in statement of work or scope.
  • Advanced functional knowledge or willingness to learn Weatherford standard software programs required for the specific technical domains.