Direct Employer - Kuwait City

Louis Berger Services, a WSP Company, is currently looking for a full time Air Freight Specialist to join our team in Kuwait.

Perform all tasks associated with the safe and correct operation of the Air Terminal as directed by management, regulations, policies, Instructions and the Performance Work Statement.

All employees must pass a pre-employment background check and drug screen.

Operate GATES/GDSS systems as required.
Assists with data base integrity by reviewing all required GATES reports when requested.
Ensure cargo and baggage are properly handled utilizing the load plan lAW applicable instructions.
Validate, select, stage and load aircraft IAW applicable guidance.
Build-up/ break-down baggage/mix pallets, multi-pallet trains and loose cargo.
Offload/ on load cargo on surface and air conveyance.
Accurately weigh and record cargo and baggage.
Ensure all Performance Work Statement (PWS) requirements are properly and accurately accomplished.
Perform terminal inventories.
Properly store and facilitate onward movement of all cargo.
Coordinate timely cargo and mail pick-up/release.
Reconfigure cargo to meet aircraft envelope.
Accomplish manual procedures when systems are down.
Escort trucks, buses, personnel and other surface conveyances.
Ensure maximum aircraft utilization based upon available airlift and existing port backlogs.
Facilitate on-time aircraft departures.
Ensure all trash is removed from aircraft other than AMC Contracted Aircraft.
Ensure water coolers, ice chests and freezer are stocked with water and ice for each shift.
Ensure all vehicles are parked per the published vehicle parking plan.
Perform Wing-Walker duties.
Process cargo lAW applicable instructions.
Operate K-loaders, forklifts, buses, tugs, vans or other required vehicles safely, inspect daily utilizing check lists and AFTO forms and ensure vehicles in need of repair or service are properly turned in to maintenance.
Perform Cargo Processing, Special Handling, and Load Planning functions in accordance with AMCI 24-101, Volumes 6, 9, and 11, DTR 4500-9 1Parts 2 and 3, and AFJMAN 24-204 and other applicable instructions.
Perform Joint Inspections.
Perform aircraft ground services IAW Air Force Occupational Safety and Health Standard (AFOSHSTD) 91-100, T.O. 00-25-172, AFI 11-218, and applicable aircraft T.O.’s.
Position, deposition, connect, disconnect to / from aircraft all ground support equipment to include 150 lb Halon Fire Bottles.
Perform follow-me marshaling to include blocking, chocking, wingtip/tail clearance guard duties.
Perform pushback and towing duties for all transiting aircraft.
Wash AGE equipment as scheduled.
Store and park AGE equipment per the published parking plan.
Operate/inspect light carts positioned on aircraft parking locations.
Perform supplemental duties in Aircraft Services or other work centers as required by Supervisor, Lead and Management.

Experience in Air Terminal Ground Handling Services is preferred.

Must be a minimum height of 5'3"

Must be able to lift at least 70 lbs, continuously, for up to 1 hour
Must have computer skills and be able to operate a variety of computer programs. Must be detail oriented, motivated and drive to perform at a high level.
Must be able to comprehend English to include reading and writing.
Must maintain a valid driver’s license.
You will be required to maintain a valid passport.
You will be required to maintain NAC/Secret clearance.

The following are desirable skills for the position upon hire.

Great interpersonal skills.
Customer service oriented.
Team player.
Ability to multi-task.

NOTE 1: Air Freight Specialist will be required to work in all areas of ATGHS

NOTE 2: Air Freight Specialist is a physically challenging position; extended periods of standing, walking, pushing and lifting are required