Exterran - Oman

Responsible for planning, developing, advising and coordinating safety/environmental compliance and programs for all company locations and projects and implementation of QHSE Integrated Management System (IMS)

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

·         Ensures compliance with country laws/regulations/rules, and evaluate compliance according to legal register

·         Promote culture in whish HSE is prime concern and will never be compromised, ensuring the involvement of all employees in the HSE programs

·         Inspects facilities, machinery, equipment, and personnel practices

·         Prepare and maintains Monthly HSE statistics Reports and send to Management

·         Shall report all non-conformities reported by clients or work site to QHSE Management

·         Implementation of site management QHSE plans and procedures

·         Enforce and comply with international environmental management system

·         To propose corrective and preventive actions CAPA, to prevent company assets from loss or impact, in safety issues

·         Audits safety systems, policies, and procedures to ensure fulfillment of IMS system

·         Initiate and participate in planning and implementing the risk Management Procedure and preparation of Risk Assessment Register

·         Initiate and participate, in planning and updating the environmental aspects register with accordance to aspects procedure

·         Execution of all HSE Audits and inspections with accordance to HSE annual inspection schedule 

·         Enforce and monitor implementation of QHSE Management System within the company facilities

·         Responsible to evaluate and monitor contractors and sub-contractors HSE performance and ensure they fulfill comply to Exterran QHSE Policy’s and QHSE MS.

·         Responsible to report all incidents and accidents including near misses happening within the sites following incident reporting and investigation Procedure

·         Conducts in-house HSE training for employee and establish suitable training program related to the work.

·         Shall monitor progress of HSE performance, maintain a high level of QHSE awareness and encourage employee participation in risk assessment and observation card preparation.

·         Provide full support to Operations to run safe and smooth “ALARP”

·         Ensure availability of safety emergency response equipment to be in operable condition and certification are up-to date

·         Conducting Morning TBT among the staff and advice them on safety and highlights

·         Assists and participates in incident investigations and provides recommendations

·         Documents incident data and files reports

·         Follows up with incident corrective actions and preventive actions

·         Formulating HSE related Procedures and learning sessions from incidents presentations and alerts

·         Analyzes HSE incident information in the HSE database

·         Shall monitor progress of HSE performance, maintain a high level of QHSE awareness and encourage employee participation in risk assessment and observation card preparation.

·         Willingness to travel and work in the field

·         On call 24/365

Allocation of Time:

·         Auditing, inspecting, and overseeing facilities/programs – 30%

·         Conducting HSE training – 15%

·         Traveling between the sites – 20%

·         Investigating, documenting, solving, reviewing, and following up with incidents – 10%

·         HSE direction and advice – 10%

·         Administration  – 15%

Required Skills or Tools:

·         Proficient presentation skills

·         Ability to document

·         Advanced level of English comprehension written and spoken.

·         Proficient in MS Word, MS Excel, Outlook, MS PowerPoint,

·         Ability to read and interpret policies and programs

·         Ability to coordinate meetings and training

·         Ability to communicate to management on HSE issues

·         Knowledge of ISO ( International Organization for Standardization) (IMS)

·         Must be able to work safely and take instruction from others.

·         Ability to operate a company vehicle

·         Ability to direct other HSE personnel

·         Ability to efficiently train 40% of HSE programs and policies

·         Qualified to train hazardous gas safety, confine space entry, and fire fighting

Preferred Education/Experience:

·         Technical Degree in or certificate in industrial, chemical

·         or High school diploma or equivalent in Health safety and Environment

·         Minimum 3 years experience in similar job preferred oil and gas industries

·         Additional requirement, NEBOSH certificate  

Physical Strain:

·         Must be able to work under pressure

·         Must be able to work with the team in developing improved work processes for the department

·         Travel as needed throughout assigned area

·         Travel out of area for investigations, meetings, and/or training

·         Climb ladders and stairs

·         Inspect all associated equipment

·         Wear all potential personal protection equipment

·         Operate a company vehicle