HK Express - Hong Kong

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Participate actively as projects team member to improve the SMS programs efficiency, reduce costs and assist in improvement of product through operational efficiency;
  • Support the MSMS cost saving development initiatives and delivery process improvements to the SMS program and its systems;
  • Provide MSMS with recommended solutions to identified deficiencies based on objective observations;
  • Assist the MSMS in Conducting the Safety Management Awareness training for HKE personnel;
  • Conduct audits/ inspections/ surveys as and when directed by MSMS and produce reports to ascertain operational safety is achieved;
  • Conduct investigations as and when directed by MSMS into accidents, incidents and/or irregularities affecting the safety of operations and produce reports;
  • Assist the MSMS and MFOQA in the administration of the the airlines FOQA program;
  • Conduct Gap Analysis; Risk Assessment; Change Management as and when directed by MSMS and produce reports;
  • Maintain the Safety Report, Hazard Registry and Corrective Action Plan (CAP) databases;
  • Liaise with departmental Safety representatives to ensure clear communication of safety events and effective CAPs are implemented;
  • Prepare periodic safety articles to promote safety awareness;
  • amongst employees and services providers;
  • Participate in IOSA program as and when directed by MSMS;
  • Maintain the currency and relevance of the Safety Management System Manual by proposing and drafting amendments.


  • At least 5 years relevant aviation work experience.
  • Supervisory and training delivery experience preferred.
  • Well versed with practical experience in Safety Management System and a strong understanding of CAD 712, 382, 739 Requirements .
  • Good command of written and spoken English; Chinese language is a plus;
  • Good computer literacy.

Desirable Qualities:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Good Writing ability and organizational skills;
  • Strong analytical, decision making, time-management and problem- solving skills.